Towards Openness is a research driven knowledge base that seeks to provoke conversations and to advise decision makers towards building social and technological infrastructure for connected learning.In pursuit of Towards Openness’ vision, there are three activity strands that:

  • curate research practices and learnings invested in building connected open learning infrastructure at global, regional, national, and local level to make it accessible and relevant to connected learning actors. (knowledge production and accessibility)
  • initiate need-based interdisciplinary, multi-stakeholder, original research conversations to build new priorities and agenda for connected learning through distributed and collaborative research. (agenda setting)
  • translate and mediate different research learnings for decision makers and those who work at advising and influencing them in open and transparent consultations and workshops. (educational material)
Workshops & Conversations

> OEB16 // December 2016 // https://towardsopenness.org/oeb16/
> OER17 // April 2017 //