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Last week saw two campaigns I support have their nights of fame.

On Wednesday I was supporting the Get Your Belly Out campaign for a Twitter Takeover to raise awareness for Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis UK. Inflametary Bowel Disease carries a huge stigma because of its ‘invisible’ nature; many bellies in the community are facing a constant battle with friends, colleagues and strangers for something as simple as using a disabled toilet. Although so many of us have struggled in silence over the years, on Wednesday we all stood up and shouted and boy, wasn’t it loud (if only Twitter had ears, eh).

It was amazing to see all the brave fighters sharing their battle scars with the world. I was also humbled by my supportive friends who also got their bellies out too. My good friend Beth was a champion through my darkest days of having the disease, so I couldn’t be more pleased with seeing her continued support.

Big thanks to my supportive friends! Rocking #getyourbellyout tonight ✌ A photo posted by @kategreen28 on



And, drum roll please….

The Selfless Selfie campaign is now live! Jonathan Worth has only gone and steered the legacy and communities of two open and connected Photography classes to raise awareness for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Enabling people to better participate in their own representation through photography.

The Phonar Nation ethos is to give youth the tools to author their own representation through new media (photography, video and sound). But there is some 300,000 boys whom won’t be able to hold a camera and are automatically excluded from being able to participate in their own representation. Selfless Selfies gives parents/carers/teachers/friends the tools to best represent these boys through photography. The campaign also encourages those without the condition to share a Selfless Selfie which will help raise awareness.

On Saturday night, Jack carried the flag with his dad, leading the English Rugby team onto the pitch for their Rugby World Cup match against Australia. Together online communities were actioned to support Jack carrying the flag.



Supporting Jack bearing the flag tonight! #rwc2015 #Link4DMD #SelflessDMD


A photo posted by @kategreen28 on

Go Jack! #SelflessDMD http://wwwSelflessSelfi.es A photo posted by Jonathan Worth (@jonathan_worth) on

We would love to have your support for these boys and make a Selfless Selfie too; all the details of how to participate are on the website.

I am yet to make my pledge, but I am working on it, don’t you worry!


What has really stuck out for me is the power of the selfie. It is something that is taken for granted and really is engrained into society. The new iPhone 6s has the ‘take a selfie’ option with a supportive screen flash, for heaven’s sake. Today there are 209,063,862 images on Instagram tagged #selfie, but how many of them do any more than add to the social documentary of how we look and what we are supposedly doing?

But without this craze, would I be writing this? Probably not. The selfie gives us something to work with and it can be a powerful thing. I solute the selfie, the Selfless Selfie and the belly pics.


Goodnight xox

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