Reblog: Seeing the Unseen is Live


I’m loving this light painting by Kate Green – how cool is that?


We have loads of #PhonarAwesome stuff this week, first up is Session 2 “Seeing the Unseen” which we’re all working on today, so if you can’t get to a library or community centre nearby that’s running Phonar Nation, you can join in by doing the session yourself and submitting your images to Flickr or Instagram. Remember to use this week’s hashtags #Phonar and #NationUnseen and don’t forget to comment on other people’s images and share some #PhonarSupport.

You can get badges by signing up at and we have mind-melting prizes too so what are you waiting for ? Lets go to work people.

If you’d like to get a class going near to you then drop me and email and we’ll see what we can do.

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