Read the Future of the City

Yesterday I was asked to Read the Future of the City and in the wake of Brexit*, I didn’t feel like the future (at least the near future) was looking very bright nor prosperous. I went to City Arcadia Festival‘s evening with Lauren Heywood where we played cards and drank (super yummy) soup.

Lauren Heywood, an artist and good friend invited me to an evening to celebrate one of her participatory pieces of work. She designed a deck of cards with four suits and two jokers. Each card has a provocation to stimulate discussion, as well as a unique constellation that can be seen from Coventry’s night sky throughout the year.

If you want to give the deck a go, get in touch with Lauren – here is her website and her twitter.

*In my efforts to try contexualise this if anyone is reading a long way into the future (it is 2016) Brexit is a very new term that is short for ‘Britain Exit’. In a referendum, the United Kingdom (which at the moment is England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island – how long that will last is uncertain) chose to leave the European Union.


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