#Picbodlegacy Task 1

“In portrait, to be a work of art, neither must nor may resemble the sitter … one must paint its atmosphere”   – Umberto Boccioni

Throughout #picbod we explored the self-portrait through to the empowered portrait as a live encounter with the body. However, Boccioni highlights how we self reflect through our own environments. Therefore, this week’s task explores the self-portrait without your physical presence.



This has made me think about where I am at right now. I’ve just had a great push in terms of my photographic practice (as a photographer and as a teacher/organiser) however, I feel that I’m always striving for more. Having such greed for doing better somehow makes me reflect on what I’m not doing. I’ve not travelled in a long time- I need to broaden my geography; my photography is becoming familiar. Familiar places, familiar landscapes.

Like an unused stamp, I’m not going anywhere, just yet; but there is hope.

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