#Picbod The Empowered Portrait

Anthony Luvera assisting homeless people with self portraits meant that he did not take away a photograph with solely his photographic voice. The assistance meant that he was on hand technically and could guide them, but the sitters themselves dictated how they wanted to be perceived.

George set this week’s task, the ‘Empowered Portrait’ to teach someone the technicalities of taking a considered photograph.

I decided to work with my Grandad, Reg: he’s 85 and larger than life. When I told him about the project I explained that I would teach him how to use a DSLR as opposed any other camera he had used before. Together we read the light and took some photographs. However, we noticed that there was a large amount of light fall off on his face. He thought it would be better to sit closer to the window, but still there was too much drop off. I suggested that we could make a reflector to bounce the light back in. He helped adjust it while I sat in his place.

He said he wanted to look like a comfortable and happy man, not old and frail. So he chose to sit comfortably and just relax infront of the camera. Funnily enough, how he wanted to be photographed fits with my current project.


But he wanted to do some more, he wanted to also show his passion for woodwork. We went into the garage and he set up the camera and said “now I’ll start cutting this bit of wood and you can take the photo”.

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