PhD Proposal Presentation [Feb 2017]

As part of our proposal deliberation, today we had to present to each other and supervisors the direction of our PhDs. Although it was only a five minute presentation followed by Q&As, it felt stressful for all of us who aren’t really sure what we are going to do. I also realised when I was thinking about what I wanted to present that I really do need more than 5 minutes.

The  researchers made comments and asked questions of us, some of them difficult, but I don’t think that is a bad thing. I ended up really enjoying it (if that is the right word) because this was the first time that I felt that I had to defend my research. Besides, it’s all part of the process and I am thankful that I am doing it with a bunch of other [awesome] people so we can keep each other motivated and pumped – I’m pretty sure that I was scaring some people with motivational high fives today.

So after I have some more formal feedback, I’ve got to knuckle down and write it up into a formal proposal, eeep! 🙂

Comments and things to think about:

  • The ethical considerations/societal benefits of company access to online  community support data (i.e. when medicine/benefits are being abused etc)
  • What participatory action research might look like, what will be an appropriate method to understanding the whole picture from the participants
  • Whether identity plays a role in online communities: are there movers and shakers who might influence particular kinds of sharing practices etc.
  • What the digital interventions might look like

My slides from today can be found here.

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