The Kinema in the Woods, artefact visualisation

Derived from the Greek word for motion, kinemas were the common name for picturehouses until the age of the talkies when kinemas became cinemas. Now the only kinema left in the UK and few thriving independent cinemas, The Kinema in the Woods pays homage to the industry and its heritage. The cinema is notable 'unique' having the only backscreen projection calibration in the country, but it also holds dozens of precious artefacts from cinemas all over the UK.

At a time when multiplex cinemas changed the landscape of the industry, many of the independent cinemas were forced to close. During the 1980s, James Green sourced lights, mirrors, clocks, pictures and projectors from closing down cinemas and brought them back to the Kinema in the Woods.

This story is brought to life in this pilot using transmedia to map the origins of each artefact; visualise what they look like in-situ at the Kinema; and then contextualised by James himself by a series of audio clips.