IBD Awareness Week 2016

This week (1-7th December) Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) advocates are making the condition visible for IBD Awareness Week.

I am writing this after having a nap this afternoon and while this isn’t unusual for a student (it still feels weird writing that again), there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have to attend to managing my condition. It can be difficult, tiring, upsetting and frustrating, but sometimes it’s fun and rewarding when I feel that I am managing things well.

The difficulty is that there isn’t a known cause for the disease and it’s hard to point to ‘triggers’ for why things get a bit rough. Managing a life that maintains an equilibrium (of nutrients, stress and general happiness) is impossible for anyone and so feels like I’m reaching for an impossible goal. But it’s not all that depressing, honestly, I am learning all the time about my body, what it likes and what it needs. I am also learning about my mind (which sounds rather daft), understanding what it needs to think more clearly and positively.

I haven’t let Crohn’s get in the way of my life (too much), but I am done thinking that I am fighting against it. I am tackling life’s challenges with it. I have to take my bowel into consideration and work with her and prime her so that we can achieve good things together.

I think I am lucky that I have got to this point, for many many other people this kind of positivity is a distant dream. To support people living with Crohn’s and Colitis, you can text CCAW22 £3 (or any amount) to 70070, or donate online. Or – if you have IBD and want to chat, hit me up on Instagram (@kategreen28) or Twitter (@kategreen28) and we can arrange to have a more secure chat. 🙂


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