The Game Changers Programme explores, experiments and exploits game design thinking in fostering creative problem solving and cross-disciplinary design collaboration. The overarching pedagogical construct of the initiative is motivated by ‘learning by designing’, which is a project-based inquiry approach. The programme facilitates new models of teaching and learning, new practice in cross-faculty learning/collaboration and develop new mindsets in the use of creative means for problem solving.

The Game Changers Programme adopts an Open and Connected approach, designed by Kate Green at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab. All content produced by those undertaking the programme will be inherently open, including all designs, development works and documentation produced within their respective groups, and licenced under Creative Commons.

A variety of DMLL generated and public domain support materials has been made available via a dedicated Game Changers online resource. Having the content delivered and driven by user experience, the programme is presented by means of a responsive WordPress website. Content and tasks will be public from launch to relax time constraints and allow participants to work through the programme at his/her own pace. The website also has aggregation features to pull in the community’s progress and associated conversations. Fostering collaboration in an open and engaging way.

The Game Changers Community met face to face on a regular basis throughout the proposed live phase (Feb - March 2016) with speakers events and focus groups. There is a host of different social media platforms for the participants to engage with, but are not limited to using one space; the website acts as an aggregator to pull in a whole feed of information from all the participants.