Dream Photography Job

What a tough question!

The more I am experimenting in the creative industry I am reaching the decision that I would like to work in publishing (preferably editing and making photobooks as beautiful artefacts). I would love to work one on one with artists and photographers to design delicate hand made books in small editions. Needless to say that this is probably a failing business model, but hey, it’s a dream and I can say what I like!

Although I don’t know exactly what I want to do, I have questions and interests:

I have a keen interest in archive material. Not only that but the material that will go unnoticed as generations die. Stories die. Generation by generation photographic practice and family ¬†documentaries change: from Victorian cabinet photographs to 35mm film to slide film, to Polaroids, to disposable cameras, to digital cameras, to iphone. And now with the digital revolution of the ‘fluid image’ on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, will the next generation even have a physical document of their lives?

I would like to undertake a study of a family and create a whole new physical archive; taking the fluid and fixing it. What if Instagram shuts down and all the babies born in the past three years have nothing other than these photographs to view their past? and they have disappeared.

I would like to continue my discussion on the importance of family archives and whether they have any value in today’s society or whether they need to be appropriated as contemporary art. I would like to conduct interviews with Charlotte Cory and Wayne Daniels on this matter.


The all time dream EVER would be to dive into the negatives and prints of a photographer and curate his/her work into a new body of work. Thousands of images taken but few were originally chosen.


The to do list:

  • email Charlotte and Wayne
  • collect own archives (family photos/record stories etc)
  • join Instagram and be a daily user
  • ask people whether I can follow their ‘lives’ on Instagram
  • continue quest to get involved with George Rodger archive

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