Digital Artefact Research

As I have made my physical artefact, a photobook, I decided that I wanted to create a digital video explaining the design while showing the production of the book. However, I felt that I wanted to look at other short films beforehand.

Firstly, I looked at Ed Kashi’s ‘Eye Contact’. The video is a photofilm of the series of work with a voice overlay of Ed’s thoughts about how he created the set and the themes surrounding it. I liked how there was the information about the themes eloquently spoken over the images; however, I felt that filming my photobook would not be suitable, nor would simply displaying the pictures in the same way. I wanted the photofilm to have a different experience which was considered for the viewer watching it. Due to Vimeo privacy and sharing for this user, the photofilm for ‘Eye Contact’ can be seen here

Secondly, I wanted to look at another style of film. I watched the Elinor Carucci film about her ‘Born’ exhibition at the Sasha Wolf Gallery in New York. This is styled more like an interview with Elinor talking about her work, with features of her work. I felt that this was a more appropriate response for me to consider doing too. With the Picbod exhibition being a big event for the physical artefact, having talk about the photobook and the design of it would be a good way to go…


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