Community can be part of our healing

“Most chronic disease is very often a social disease and not just a problem of biology”

We are so fortunate to be living in such a well-connected society that building communities does not necessarily mean we have to be geographically placed close to others. Through social media (particularly Instagam and Twitter) I have met some fellow Crohnies, some of whom are taking the disease into their own hands and I solute that. I know that this TEDMED talk by Mark Hyman is centred around Diabetes; however, you should look up on his theory of the inner tube. Food is our fuel and we should be much more aware of how foods work with our bodies, particularly as we have a disease that is so sensitive to it.

I am super looking forward to when IBD-Relief launches its new website; I spoke to Seb Tucknott before Christmas and he is so passionate about giving those with IBD the means to be able to manage the disease better. I am really looking forward to being part of a community of people taking proactive measures towards managing IBD, rather than falling victim to the condition.

Since I am started to really experiment with my diet more, I am looking out for others with Crohn’s (Crohn’s Colitis particularly) to see whether we can share recipes and support one another to make positive steps towards a healthy life. I am loving @wynnstagrammer who has really embraced social media since only recently being diagnosed, please check him out and drop him a comment, he’s awesome. 🙂

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