And I’m feeling good!

So as part of my ongoing treatment for Crohn’s, I take biweekly injections coupled with another immunosuppressant to prevent building immunity to the injections.

Crohn’s is considered an autoimmune disorder which means that your immune system goes into overdrive and starts attacking healthy cells in the body (they are recognised by the body as foreign cells that need to be attacked). In Crohn’s it means that any part of the digestive tract can be affected.

I’ve been on these injections for quite a few years now and I’ve often found myself ready for my next ‘fix’, with my bowel becoming more sensitive to foods. However, I’ve been feeling much better over the past few weeks since I’ve been considering my diet much more. In fact, I am managing to eat more fresh fruit and veg as well; I couldn’t be more pleased and it’s super delicious.

I am all over Pinterest at the moment, it’s great for recipes. I will post some top dollar ones at some point, I’m sure.

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