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Hi Ya'll. I'm kategreen28 and the best way I can define myself right now is as a privacy activist.

What's hot for me right now? The digital economy and its ramifications on privacy, trust and security; my focus is moving people from a space of misperceived security and privacy to a position of informed insecurity. And so my projects look towards supporting and empowering digital citizens as we become aware of the turbulant forces around our data. This motivation has stemmed from my interests in open and connected learning, photography, archives, and, living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

I currently manage learning communities for Phonar Nation and I am the Projects and Community Officer at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab at Coventry University.

I pride myself on my work with George Rodger Archive and Phonar Nation.


Views are my own, but are up for reuse and remixing. CC-BY-SA

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   Member of The Internet Defense League