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I just logged into MySpace for the first time in years. Until today, I thought that I was only an active blogger since starting university in 2011; but that’s absolute rubbish- I’ve been blogging since 2007.

I just downloaded and read all of my blog posts from my adolescence and it is what you would expect any teenage girl to write- a lot of angst and inside jokes. There were a lot of ‘urghs’ and ‘arghs’… How cringe.

But still, the blog is a narrative of my life. What is also interesting is how much I refer to my Crohn’s, but make a conscious decision to not dwell on it publicly. I guess, I was more sensible with what I was writing than the pictures I uploaded. I packaged all the posts and deleted my account. I know full well that the pictures and posts haven’t been removed from the MySpace servers. Since reading Mediactive by Dan Gillmor, I’ve learnt that I need to keep hold of my online profile. So I’ve been backpacking across old websites I used to write and share pictures to really see what kind of digital fingerprint I have left and do what I can to pull in the reins.

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Christmas 2007 – Sourced on Myspace


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